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How to Select the Best Perfume

How to Select the Best Perfume

Buying and wearing perfume is one of the most affordable means that both men and women across the world use to pamper themselves. Perfumes are a pleasant and enjoyable confidence booster, and will do wonders for you and the people around you. These days, there are hundreds of remarkable brands of perfume for all sorts of occasions and tastes.

How do you choose the right perfume?

With so many choices, how can you choose the right one? Well first thing is first – the perfume you select should complement your skin and natural aroma of your body. It should not be too strong, which could offend people’s senses, but neither should it be too weak, with no allure at all. Fragrance is meant to be pleasant enough to be noticed and should enhance your personality, attire and overall being. Make sure that YOU test your own perfume, and not ask someone else to try it – as everyone’s skin reacts differently to perfumes.
When you are sampling perfumes, make sure you don’t try out more than three different perfumes in one afternoon. When you are sampling, smell the tester strips to see the ones that you like, and then proceed to spray your skin in areas located far apart from one another (for different fragrances). If you attempt too many perfumes, their smells will blend together, and your nose will be rather overworked! Once you have sprayed the perfume, leave the store or at least the perfume section for a few minutes to smell the fragrances properly. Some people wait an hour or two, or even come back the next day, before making their purchase of perfume, just to see how long the smell will last.

How to Select the Best Perfume

What are the good perfume spots on your body?

The best place to apply perfume on your body, are specific areas known as pulse points. These are areas where your blood vessels are very close to your skin – a lot of heat is generated at these points. These areas include the back of the elbows, amid the breasts, behind the ankles, behind the knees and the wrists. Yes, even the lower areas! Perfume on your ankles can last longer than elsewhere because vapors always go upwards. It should never be applied behind the ears though; this can blend with skin secretions creating a bad smell. Also, do not spray fragrance onto your clothes, as it can stain and on certain types of jewelry, such as costume or pearl jewelry, as it can lead to discoloration.
Many people opt to buy perfume online these days – it is faster, cheaper and easier to buy perfume this way. However, make sure that you know what the perfume that you are buying smells like beforehand, to avoid disappointments.

In conclusion, if you want to know more about perfume selection then you should prefer reading some expert tips on selection of perfumes which will definitely help you to choose best perfume without getting into any kind of confusion. The expert tips and methods will be really very effective and time saving for you and your perfume selection procedure will become safer and much simpler than your expectations!…