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Everything You Need to Know About Voice of Culture Drum and Dance

Everything You Need to Know About Voice of Culture Drum and Dance

Looking for an amazing and vitality filled event that will lift your soul and leave you feeling fully enriched? Sometimes finding a new experience can be difficult and experiencing something rich in historic enlightenment can sound a bit unnerving. Learning about culture and everything that has to offer can truly help bring you a deeper understanding of others and who they are. Whether it be your own ethnic history or the history of others, understanding the past is one of the best ways to get a handle on the future. Knowing each other on a deeper level can often start with looking to the past, a way to understand who we were and who our ancestors were. click here for some other information.

Dance and music can be an excellent way to discover ourselves and those around us. The way the body moves and connects with the earth can be a truly beautiful experience. If you are someone who can appreciate the essence of art, then knowing more about the history of arts in your own ethnic background can bring a sense of inner peace and understanding.

What is Voice of Culture Drum and Dance?

This is a group of Black artists who are dedicated to the research and understanding of African Diasporic arts. In the history of Black individuals around the world, song and dance have always been a very important thing. It is something that connects people to their culture and who they are as individuals and as a collective whole. Drum and Dance strive to share the beauty and wonder of their culture, fully diving into the movements and rhythm of the African Diasporic people. They strive to reach the understanding and help to educate others by creating a safer cultural space.

They perform various presentations and workshops in order to fully appreciate and reach a deeper understanding. Their dances and movements are not random and are in fact choreographed. These movements are very specific and the performers have taken a time to truly understand them. They will use this process to teach others the motions of drum and dance. They show others how to properly match their movements to the music that is being played. for more details, visit :

Everything You Need to Know About Voice of Culture Drum and Dance

They begin by introducing their company members and will work to bring everyone into the experience. They often bring audience members on stage and begin showing them how to mimic the various movements. This is a rewarding and enriching experience that is meant to connect people to the African culture. Their biggest goal is to educate and entertain their audience, which makes it a wonderful experience. They bring everyone into the event and help them feel welcomed and at ease. It is meant to be a safe space where everyone can come together and learn.

What They Offer

Voice of Culture usually offers three different type of gigs or performances. They do professional paid performances, community performances, and workshops or classes. Their focus and idea towards payment lie within their need to supply their company with instruments and various other needs. They are often flexible with pricing and will be open to ideas and new ways to be rewarded for their work. It is truly meant to be an experience of learning and enjoyment. They can be contacted through their website for hire or different event dates.

What They Represent

Voice of Culture is proud of their African ancestry and their main goal is to spread this to others. They have found a way to beautifully represent and connect with their history through the wonders of song and dance. By using authentic West African drum and other instruments they are able to truly become grounded in the spirit of their culture. They strive to express their professional skills and serious effort into understanding this style of song and dance. It represents a sense of work ethic and goal striving that will set a wonderful example for young people. Feeling proud of who they are and where they came from sets this group apart and helps make them amazing role models. It is truly about staying connected and reaching a deeper education of the African arts.

It is important to have groups like the Voice of Culture, especially for young people looking to understand themselves better. Ethnic history is an important factor in understanding who we are and is something we should be proud of. Sometimes these things can become muddled or lost because of our surroundings. It is important to arm children and even adults with the tools that they need to feel proud of who they are. Whether it be through understanding the complex history of an ethnic group, or simply through the joys of song and dance. Every step in understanding yourself counts and is important to partake in.

What Makes Them Special?

They are unique in the sense that their members range from the ages of 5 to 40. They open their performances with the use of a Djembe drum and enjoy being able to introduce their company members to their audience. Their interactive qualities also set them apart from many other performers and dance companies. They strive to bring their audience into their shows and work with them to educate and enrich. Through the art of song and dance, they create storytelling performances that will truly enlighten others to the culture.

Art is truly one of the most powerful ways to connect to your ethnic background and should not be overlooked. Fully understanding and connecting through the power of song and dance will help to reach a new level of comprehension. Voice of Culture Drum and Dance is a wonderful experience that anyone should consider taking the time to discover. Space is meant to be safe and comfortable for everyone and is not overwhelming or awkward. Audience members won’t feel overwhelmed or judged and will simply be able to partake and enjoy the experience. If you are ready and willing to open yourself up to something new, you should definitely take the time to check out their event dates on their website.…